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3 Jan. 2017 Posted by aadams

Preparedness Planning and the Backup Battery

Carol Hill, FEI Crisis Management Associate

Do you carry a portable battery charger with you in case your phone or other device is low on battery life? Being prepared for a low charge can keep your mobile devices primed and ready in times of crisis—much like a preparedness plan accounts for backup protocols to ensure continuing operations.

Are your backups ready for a crisis?

14 Dec. 2016 Posted by aadams

Deep Thoughts in a December Snowstorm

(Written by Ted Uczen, FEI President & CEO)

In the Midwest, where FEI is headquartered, we face harsh winter storms this time of year. President and CEO Ted Uczen reflects on the similarities between preparing for a snowstorm and preparing your organization for a crisis.

While communities are often given warning before inclement weather can strike, organizations aren’t so lucky when impacted by crisis events. Pre-emptive planning and strategy are essential to a great crisis management plan.

30 Nov. 2016 Posted by aadams

Be Vigilant This Holiday Season

(Written by Terri Howard, FEI Senior Director)

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holidays are just beginning. As we shop for gifts in malls, travel around the country, and spend time with friends and family at our hometown haunts, it’s become more important than ever to remain vigilant.

Homeland Security’s If You See Something, Say Something™ campaign aims to curtail acts of terror by relying on public awareness and the reporting of suspicious behaviors. With a rise in attacks on public spaces filled with civilians, practicing vigilance can contribute to a safe holiday season for all.

16 Nov. 2016 Posted by aadams

You Don’t Have to Be Superhuman

(Written by Daniel J. Potterton, FEI Chief Operating Officer)

Traumatic situations are never easy, and there is no right or wrong to how we react when faced with a terrifying event. Regardless, post-traumatic reactions can lead to emotional, behavioral and physical challenges as we consider our actions during the moment. Knowing what resources are available when addressing post-traumatic issues is paramount to working through trauma and re-establishing a sense of well-being.

2 Nov. 2016 Posted by aadams

The Human Element of Business Continuity and Crisis Management

(Written by Michael Bugenhagen, FEI Business Development Manager)

Crisis management often focuses on business continuity in terms of infrastructure, with the human element of planning an afterthought. Recently, HR professionals and business leaders have begun shifting their attention to make sure everyone is supported during a crisis response.

Partnering with an external provider bolsters an organization’s ability to not only respond to—and recover from—a crisis event, but also affords the support necessary to ensure the resiliency of the workforce.