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10 Mar. 2016 Posted by aadams

The Importance of Data Backups for Disaster Recovery

(Written by James Pettigrew, FEI Program and Project Manager)

Think about your company’s Disaster Recovery plan. When was the last time you thoroughly tested restoring backups in a Disaster Recovery-type situation? Did the backup restore meet expectations? These are important questions to consider before using a Disaster Recovery plan.

Ensuring backups for the data critical to business operations is an important element of Disaster Recovery. When was the last time you tested your company's backup capabilities?

25 Feb. 2016 Posted by aadams

Opiate Addiction: “That will never happen to me or my family.”

(Written by Aimee Hoffmann, FEI EAP Counselor)

Prescription painkillers and heroin make local and national news on a regular basis. While some may believe this will never happen to someone they know, it is impacting individuals in record numbers—even in the workplace.

10 Feb. 2016 Posted by aadams

A Nationwide Crisis: U.S. Life Expectancy Lower Than Comparable Countries

(Written by Ralph Metzner, FEI Director of Product Management)

A recent study shows Americans have life expectancies 2.2 years shorter than those in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and other European countries. That statistic alone would give pause, but even more troubling are the causes of death identified as contributing to the lower life expectancy: drugs, guns and motor vehicles. Being situationally aware and increasingly resilient are becoming more important than ever before.

27 Jan. 2016 Posted by aadams

Always Learning: Meet Raquelle

(Written by Raquelle Solon, FEI Business Solutions Engineer)

My name is Raquelle and I’m thrilled to join FEI. After spending 15 years working in crisis management and violence prevention, along with being a human resource manager and security executive, I thought I had a pretty good handle on understanding and responding to behavior. Yet there was so much more to learn, and I'd like to share some of my experiences from my first six months working with FEI’s crisis management and EAP teams.

13 Jan. 2016 Posted by aadams

The Summer Camp Mindset

(Written by Carol Hill, FEI Crisis Management Associate)

Did you ever go to summer camp when you were younger? You may remember how you soaked in all the details, but forgot the experience a few months later when daily activities shifted your focus and mindset.

The same shift in focus can occur with crisis management. After wrapping up drills and exercises, how can you maintain a crisis-centric mindset?