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14 Jun. 2016 Posted by aadams

How is Moving like a Crisis?

(Written by Ted Uczen, FEI President & CEO)

FEI recently moved offices to downtown Milwaukee, Wis., prompting FEI President & CEO Ted Uczen to contemplate the similarities between developing a good move plan and having a good crisis plan in place.

Relocating an entire business involves careful consideration and planning so that operations can continue with little to no disruption. Similarly, a carefully considered crisis plan is paramount to the operational resiliency of an organization—don’t wait until the last minute.

31 May. 2016 Posted by aadams

Too Scared to Seek Help: Stigma and Mental Health

(Written by Daniel J. Potterton, FEI Chief Operating Officer)

Stigma against mental health challenges is a very real cultural ill, and you don't have to look far to find victims of stigma too afraid to discuss their struggles with mental health. I’ve witnessed the effects of this stigma in both the working world and public life and know it is time for the culture to change.

Millions of Americans live their lives with a mental health challenge. Join me in openly addressing—and encouraging the inclusion of—individuals with these challenges in a compassionate, understanding way. We might just save someone’s life.

This is part of a series promoting May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

18 May. 2016 Posted by aadams

Crises, Trauma and the Importance of Connection

(Written by Terri Howard, FEI Senior Director)

Crisis events can have a traumatic impact on people, and how one reacts to these events informs his or her ability to remain resilient. Seeking opportunities for support, understanding and expression goes a long way to maintaining resilience and relies on a central concept: the importance of a network of connection for healing.

This is part of a series promoting May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

2 May. 2016 Posted by aadams

Using Outside Partnerships to Offset the Effects of Trauma

(Written by Michael Bugenhagen, FEI Business Development Manager)

Organizations sometimes rely on groups of volunteers or customer service departments to answer calls from upset and traumatized callers during crisis events. This can bring varying levels of secondary trauma exposure to those receiving calls, and employers need to consider the advantages of outside partnership and the importance of training both volunteers and employees to be psychologically resilient when responding during crises.

This is part of a series promoting May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

20 Apr. 2016 Posted by aadams

Before the Storm: America’s PrepareAthon National Day of Action

(Written by Vivian Marinelli, Psy.D., FEI Senior Director Crisis Management Services)

April 30 has been identified as America’s PrepareAthon National Day of Action. With the current severe weather occurring in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma—along with numerous other states—hopefully you have reviewed your emergency response planning. If not, America’s PrepareAthon provides the perfect opportunity to jump into action and ensure you, your community and your family and friends are prepared to respond.