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FEI’s Manager Exchange

24 Jun. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Give Wellness the Spotlight it Deserves

Implementing an employee wellness program is a significant investment for many companies, and it’s important for leaders to achieve a strong program launch. Ideally, a wellness initiative should kickoff separately from the company’s open enrollment to keep it from being lost in a vast array of other benefits options. For companies that do choose to unveil a wellness plan during open enrollment, there are several tips for engaging employees and maximizing impact.

8 Jun. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Simple Steps to Improve Morale

Healthcare facilities can examine employee engagement in several basic areas. The questions below will help leaders reflect on their current corporate culture and determine where improvements are needed. More often than not, the solutions are relatively quick fixes that can have a significant positive impact on employee attitudes.

1 Jun. 2011 Posted by ehinz

The Five Pivotal Practices of Managing Up

This week I turned to other blogs for interesting material related to managers. My final choice was an entry on Lifehacker blog, which examined the book “Working with You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work” by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster. More specifically, it focuses on “Managing Up-Taking Control” chapter that offers very specific instructional advice on how to do this effectively and successfully.

18 May. 2011 Posted by ehinz


This article was sent to me by a colleague. As someone who has a great affection for all things progressive and forward-thinking, I thought it would be most beneficial to share with the Manager Exchange community.

12 May. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Effective/Successful Management of Remote Staff

Does it really matter where you are if you do your job effectively? This is the question I asked myself this morning as I was yet again battling for some space on an overcrowded New York City subway train. The truth is that this is the issue that is gaining more momentum as technology gallops forward and younger generations are re-defining the meaning of job satisfaction.

4 May. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Workplace Email Etiquette

A colleague of mine recently hosted a webinar on effective communication. This subject, in my opinion, can never be exhausted, and yet, regardless of its tenure and the vital tenets that most of us are familiar with, it continues to be one of the most problematic issues in the workplace. This was very much affirmed by questions that were asked at the end of the webinar.

21 Apr. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Workplace Fatigue - An Emerging Issue

According to the Journal of Occupational and Environment Medicine, approximately 38% of U.S. workers experience fatigue, costing companies about $136 billion in lost productivity. The magnitude of this problem grows even greater, since fatigued workers are also more prone to illness and more distracted making them more likely to be involved in a safety incident. More alarming still, research reveals that fatigue can impair performance consistent with being at or above legal blood alcohol content levels.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Management Styles That Speak Most to Employees

A few days ago, I read a blog post on Workforce Management purporting that managers are the guardians of workplace standards. The author’s message is that leading by example is the most influential tool for every manager even though they often fail to recognize it.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Roadmap to Reasonable Accommodation

Employees who develop psychiatric disability are most likely to become a subject to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Types of workplace accommodations include job restructuring, adjusting work hours, flexible leave, specialized equipment and assistive devices, modifying work sites, providing special transportation, and providing human assistance.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Presentation Skills

A few months ago I attended a presentation that was meant to give me a good grasp on new services and products. It was a very bland, two-hour presentation that revolved around very wordy power point slides. The challenge was not only how to read all the information from the slides while also following the presenter, but also how to zero in on the most relevant information and understand how it applies to my work. To add to the challenge, the presenter, who was clearly very knowledgeable about the content, had a very monotonous presentation style.