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FEI’s Manager Exchange

19 Nov. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work

(Written by Jessica Key, FEI Employee Assistance Representative)

The workplace is often full of several different people that may have different views and attitudes on workplace practices. As an employee or manager you have several responsibilities not only to do our job well but to make sure that you work well as a team and display a positive attitude. Workplace conflicts are inevitable and will likely occur at some point during your career, but there are things that can be done to ensure that employees are given the best opportunities to be productive, to feel appreciated, and to enjoy coming to work.

3 Nov. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Is Domestic Violence a Workplace Issue?

(Written by Mindy Beisner, FEI EAP Counselor)

As an employer, if you have suspicion or evidence of domestic violence involving an employee is there reason to get involved? After all, it’s really none of your business. The acts of violence don’t typically happen at the workplace so it’s a personal matter, right? Is your inaction due to uncertainty, lack of company policy, or lack of understanding about the issue?

20 Oct. 2014 Posted by rmetzner

Self-Awareness: It's Not You, It's Me

(Written by Amara Lang, FEI Work-Life Specialist)

We’ve all had moments when it just seems like things in life aren’t going right. A natural response is to look for causes in an attempt to alleviate the problem. External factors are typically considered. However, what if it’s not who or what you’re surrounded by, it’s you?

6 Oct. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Work-Life Balance for Caregivers

(Written by Janice Lieber, FEI EAP Counselor)

Do you know that some of the biases or stereotypes about caregivers are that they are female, working only to supplement family income or to get out of the house, not interested in promotion, not committed to the company and not able to keep up with a fast paced working environment? In addition, females are thought to be less capable than their non-caregiver counterparts and males are often not perceived to have caregiver responsibilities.

30 Sep. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

A Scenario: Managing Friends in the Workplace

(Written by Jon Buchler, FEI EAP Counselor)

Julie was recently promoted to Director of Graphic Design at a smaller design studio company. Prior to her promotion, she worked alongside the 6 graphic designers that she now supervises. Julie was hired into the company 5 years ago, together with another designer, Hanna. The other graphic designers had been hired subsequently, replacing staff that has moved on to other companies.

24 Sep. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

After the Call: Implementing Critical Incident Response in the Workplace

(Written by Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager)

What happens after you receive that phone call bearing tragic news that you will now have to disseminate out to your organization and employees? It can be overwhelming at best, and difficult to know where to start. In our previous blog, we talked about the assumption of resilience in helping organizations return quickly to full functioning, as well as the consultative and educational nature of the interventions employed. Now we will take a look at the process and overview the specific services that can be utilized to accomplish the goal of a resilient workforce functioning at full productivity.

22 Sep. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

The Dreaded Call: Workplace Critical Incident Response

(Written by Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager)

What do you do when you receive the phone call that everyone dreads? One of your employees has been killed in an accident over the weekend; an employee has been critically injured in a workplace accident and his fellow employees who witnessed the accident are distraught; a tornado has swept through the area and several employees lost their homes.

12 Sep. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Stress 2.0

(Written by Gary Skaleski, FEI EAP Counselor)

For the most part, the subject of stress has been universally thought of as a bad thing to have. The negative aspects of stress are well known: increased chance of developing serious physical illnesses, sleeplessness, lower productivity, and family problems. A high percentage of people see their doctors, use therapists or contact their EAP benefit to deal with the symptoms of stress. The best thing to do is to rid ourselves of stress, right?

4 Sep. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Managing from the Middle Part 2

(Written by Jon Buchler, FEI EAP Counselor)

Tom’s situation re: his company’s plan to raise the productivity rate illustrates the importance of having well developed and trusting relationships with colleagues on a “360” basis. There are several reasons why it would be important for Tom to develop his response to the company’s planned change and his senior employees’ response in concert with others.

25 Aug. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Managing from the Middle

(Written by Jon Buchler, FEI EAP Counselor)

Tom has been managing one of the production plants for his company for over 10 years. Three weeks ago, the Vice President of Manufacturing informed him that the production standard for all plants would be increased by 6%, effective the 1st of the month in this nonunion company. Neither Tom nor any of the other 4 plant managers were consulted before the decision to increase the production standard was made. Tom, then, communicated this change to the 3 shift managers at the plant in their weekly meeting. They subsequently informed the hourly production workers in their shifts. This is the third increase in the production standard in 4 years.