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FEI’s Manager Exchange

11 Aug. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Workplace Bullying Part 2 - Are You a Bully?

(Written by Sally Hartman, FEI EAP Counselor)

Many workplaces have instituted or strengthened policies regarding workplace bullying. However, 35% of employees report being bullied and 7 out of 10 employees report having left a job because of workplace bullying. Those characters in "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" – they are not so fictional. Workplace bullying remains a serious problem with far-reaching effects on productivity, quality, absenteeism, employee turnover, litigation and not to mention your company’s reputation. There is a plethora of information available regarding bullying in the workplace, but what if you are the bully?

28 Jul. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Defining Bullying in the Workplace

(Written by Nancy Vogt, FEI Account Manager)

Workplace bullying has been around as long as there have been workplaces. Finally, this behavior is being recognized as the destructive force it truly is as illustrated by the increase of anti-bullying legislation being put forward.

15 Jul. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Practicing Mindful Eating

(Written by Amy Haft, Senior Account Manager/Wellness Product Manager)

As the benefits of integrating EAP and wellness services are being recognized, there is a growing body of literature regarding the integration of mind and body. Mindful eating is but one example. Named after the Buddhist principle of focusing on the present, mindful eating is part of a rapidly growing non-diet movement. Quite literally, being mindful means keeping your mind on your meals. It means being fully aware of your feelings of hunger and fullness, along with the reasons why you’re eating. There should be one vital reason why you eat; you feel hungry.

30 Jun. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Understanding the Use of Mediation for Divorce or Separation

(Written by Marcia O’Boyle, FEI EAP Services Center Manager)

When employees have family problems, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can offer a variety of supports and resources. When the family problems relate to divorce or separation and there are children, disputes about parenting can be especially stressful. Parents may need help from many areas. Besides the emotional support of family and friends, parents often need legal advice, help finding and arranging child care, financial help or advice, and perhaps counseling.

18 Jun. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Time Management Hints and Tips

(Written by Fred Fuges, FEI Account Manager)

Effective management of time at work is a key element in productivity and engagement. Time is one of the things we all talk about, but have a hard time defining. We can’t see, feel, smell or touch time. Time, as Einstein discovered, is relative. Many of us remember childhood summer vacations seeming to last a long time, and the school years in between seeming to last forever. A two-day year old infant has lived 50% of his/her life in the previous 24 hours, while a seventy year old has lived .03% of their lives in the same period.

3 Jun. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Predicting Violence in the Workplace

(Written by Dan Potterton, FEI Chief Operating Officer)

It’s hard to ignore these days the news of innocent people being injured and killed in the most horrific and senseless acts of violence. The venues for these catastrophic events have no bounds, occurring in healthcare facilities, malls, community centers, college campuses, grade schools, during celebrated public events, in places of worship and in the workplace. Who, in their right mind would be capable of committing such an act? The answers are as equally disturbing and lead to the inevitable question, “could this have been prevented?”

6 May. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Understanding the Impact of Depression

According to a recent study those suffering from depression are at an increased risk of developing heart failure. Results of the study indicate that individuals showing mild symptoms of depression have a 5% increased risk of heart failure. More alarmingly, those with moderate to severe symptoms of depression are 40% more likely to develop heart failure.

16 Apr. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Reintegrating a Recovering Employee

When an employee takes a leave of absence from work for hospitalization or treatment for a personal problem, returning to the working world can be stressful. Initially, this can be an anxious time for all involved. Administrators may ask, "Should I go easy on the employee?" The employee may wonder, "What do my coworkers think of me?"

19 Mar. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Misconceptions Concerning EAP Referrals

When a manager is faced with an employee experiencing a personal problem that is negatively affecting their work performance, they may often have one of two choices. The manager can either tolerate the employee by hoping the personal problem gets resolved, or terminate them. Fortunately, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a third option – salvaging the worker by addressing the personal problem that is interfering with performance. However, there are many misconceptions managers may have when considering referring an employee to their EAP benefit.

7 Feb. 2014 Posted by ameulendyke

Creating an Ethical Workplace through a Culture of Accountability

According to a recent VitalSmarts survey, employees are six times more likely to report corporate misconduct when they are regularly held accountable to take action and feel comfortable doing so. The survey also revealed that the most common reasons employees do not report unethical behavior include fears of damage to their career, a reputation that they are hard to work with, not being taken seriously, or not knowing how to bring up their concerns.