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FEI Presents White Paper on School Violence Prevention

8 Mar. 2012 Posted by ameulendyke

It CAN Happen Here: A Proactive Approach to Violence Prevention in Schools

As horrifying and unthinkable as violence in schools may be, we are tragically reminded far too often that it is a possibility every community must take seriously. Preparing for crisis is certainly no promise of prevention, and from the vantage of hindsight the diligent course may seem obvious. Nonetheless, it is worth remembering that while awareness is the most basic tool of crisis prevention, its importance is often overlooked.

“Behaviors rarely happen in a vacuum,” says Dr. Vivian Marinelli, Senior Director of Crisis Management with FEI Behavioral Health. “Particularly in adolescents, there tend to be signals and precursors to violent behaviors. Increasingly, these signals are in plain view, thanks to the various forms of social media. It is crucial for all stakeholders in our communities to take these signals seriously. Oftentimes the ability to do that comes from simple awareness.”