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Risk Management Features FEI Article

27 Jun. 2017 Posted by aadams

Creating a Human Impact Cyberattack Response Plan

As cyberattacks become more frequent, companies have worked to expand their understanding of cybercrime risk and prevention among internal departments. While most organizations have an information security plan in place to defend their data and infrastructure, they often are not as prepared to deal with the human consequences of an attack.

The wake of a cyberattack can be stressful for victims, especially without advanced warning or time to prepare. It can affect victims at three levels:

  • Corporations. When an organization’s sensitive information is hacked, it ends up facing a lot of scrutiny. How could you let this happen? Why weren’t you prepared for this? What are you going to do to fix this? The perception of the company image will take a negative hit.
  • Employees. Employees are affected on a personal level as the first line of response for customers after an attack. Updating the workforce about the planned response and support that can be communicated to customers is imperative for the organization to regain trust and build a positive image.
  • Consumers. Consumers are often the hardest hit during an incident. Their sensitive information has been stolen, usually under circumstances completely beyond their control or knowledge, making it a traumatic experience.

Companies must be ready to respond to and support each of the audiences in the days, weeks and months after a cyberattack.

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