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10 Aug. 2011 Posted by ehinz

FEI Featured in eSchool News Publication

How Social Media Can Aid During A Crisis

All it takes is a quick read of the headlines to recognize the added stress on educators and students as they deal with the potential for violence. Today’s news contains a rising number of stories about disruption at our schools—from altercations between staff or students to disastrous events like shootings. It’s important for school leaders to understand basic crisis management principles—and how social media might play a role in the event of a crisis, for better or worse. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

20 Jun. 2011 Posted by ehinz

FEI's Chief Operating Officer reflects time-tested wisdom on Employee Benefit

Dan Potterton, chief operating officer for FEI Behavioral Health an industry veteran gives his expert advice on best practices regarding when and how to launch a wellness program. The employee benefit news article “Preparing for Open Enrollment 2011: Covering all bases” gives wellness the spotlight it deserves.

27 May. 2011 Posted by ehinz

FEI Featured in HR Pulse

A company's workforce is its most valuable asset, and employee morale, engagement, and productivity often form the glue that holds the business together.  According to a recent white paper by Towers Watson, 44 percent of health care employees are capable, caring and ready to be engaged, but they don't feel motivated by company executives. 

13 Apr. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

FEI Announces Manager Exchange

FEI has announced the debut of Manager Exchange. Manager Exchange is a blog created to facilitate sharing expertise and exchanging ideas as well as sharing views, experiences and resources subjects relevant to workforce resilience.

Find Manager Exchange here.

31 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

FEI Releases Wellness Introduction Video

FEI Behavioral Health has released an introductory video in support of its new wellness product, Wellness Connections.