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5 Jan. 2017 Posted by aadams

FEI Featured in the Journal of School Safety

Adverse Childhood Experiences: SRO's Role in Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma. It invokes different images for each of us. One person might think of a car crash involving teenage drivers, while an­other might remember the tragedy of a school shooting. Whatever the trauma, it's important for school resource officers to understand how its impact can negatively affect students in terms of poor attendance, diminished learning and achievement, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. Equally important is knowing what to look for—and how to properly respond to a student who has been affected by trauma, inside or outside of school. This is true especially during a crisis situation.

15 Dec. 2016 Posted by ameulendyke

FEI Featured in Emergency Management Magazine Article

Trauma and How It Can Adversely Affect the Workplace

When our systems are stressed and overworked, our ability to problem solve, make rational decisions, and process information decreases, leading to taking chances one might not otherwise do.

28 Nov. 2016 Posted by ameulendyke

FEI Featured in Benefits Magazine Article

The Millennials: Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

Understanding what motivates Millennials, what they value in the workplace and how they like to receive information may help employers keep their benefit offerings up to date.

23 Nov. 2016 Posted by ameulendyke

FEI Featured in Campus Law Enforcement Journal

Active Shooter Preparedness, Response and Recovery: A Checklist of Best Practices

Every week seems to bring heartbreaking news of another active shooter event in America – San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas, Louisiana. While these situations can be overwhelming for the communities involved, they also present an opportunity for your campus security team to revisit your emergency response plan and reinforce a component for active shooter situations. We've compiled a checklist of best practice questions for you to consider.

4 Nov. 2016 Posted by ameulendyke

FEI to Present at Proficio Nonpublic Conference

Nov. 4, 2016, Milwaukee, Wis. — FEI Behavioral Health, a social enterprise with a 35-year history and a leader in workforce resilience from workplace violence prevention and crisis management to EAP and organizational development, will present at the upcoming 2016 Nonpublic Conference: Where Compliance Meets Best Practice, hosted by Proficio Consulting Group.