Today, we are often tethered to our digital networks and reliant on the internet to accomplish everyday tasks.

But sometimes our digital networks are disrupted due to an unexpected crisis—a cyberattack, for example, or something as mundane as a power outage. Are you prepared to manage operations without access to the internet?

While some organizations can sit back and wait for the internet to be restored, others must have a crisis management plan in place to ensure business continuity. In fact, some organizations, like FEI, have an expectation of being available 24/7.

If you’re part of an organization that’s required to maintain functionality, it’s important to prepare for a digital crisis. Typically, this means going back to the basics: Talking on the phone to obtain information and using pen and paper to record data.

Organizational leaders must anticipate how their businesses will remain operational without internet access. Ask yourself:

  • Are your employees prepared with the phone numbers they need to do their jobs?
  • Are they ready to ask the right questions to gather necessary information while the network is down?
  • Is everyone trained to use, and familiar with, analog technologies that don’t require internet access to work?

A decentralized, pre-digital world wasn’t too long ago. Thinking through various crisis scenarios and training employees on the management plan can help your organization weather its next digital crisis.