Update Your Disaster Plan

PIA Magazine

Do you know when to update your disaster plan? From mock crisis drills to tabletop exercises, FEI COO Dan Potterton covers how to prepare your workforce for crises in a feature article for Professional Insurance Agents Magazine.


Smart Shopping Tips to Stay Safe This Holiday Season


“Smart Shopping Tips to Stay Safe This Holiday Season” is featured on the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association’s December blog series. FEI’s Vivian Marinelli covers common sense tips and tricks to protect yourself, your personal information and your purchases during the holidays.


Monitoring Social Media During a Crisis

Corporate & Incentive Travel

FEI’s Vivian Marinelli, senior director of crisis management services, reviews best practice when monitoring social media during a crisis event for Corporate & Incentive Travel Magazine. By keeping an eye on social media, organizations can gauge public response and mitigate
damaging misinformation.


Disaster’s Toll: How Planning Helps You Recover Emotionally, Financially and Physically

Growing Magazine

Growing Magazine article “Disaster’s Toll” talks with crisis management consultant Vivian Marinelli about how disaster planning—including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery—can help maintain farmers’ emotional, financial and physical well-being during
disaster events.


A Proactive Plan Counters Tensions from Civil Unrest

The Illinois School Board Journal

FEI Senior Director Terri Howard contributed a cover story to the Illinois School Board Journal’s November/December issue. “A Proactive Plan Counters Tensions from Civil Unrest” defines concepts of civil unrest and provides topical examples from recent conflicts. Howard discusses how to address unrest at school or on campus by modeling appropriate behavior, establishing conflict resolution guidelines, coordinating communication efforts and maintaining awareness.


Nurturing a Culture of Workplace Civility: Anticipating and Managing Conflicts in a
Polarized World

HR West Magazine

FEI COO Dan Potterton contributed a feature article for Northern California Human Resources Association’s October edition of HR West Magazine. “Nurturing a Culture of Workplace Civility: Anticipating and Managing Conflicts in a Polarized World” discusses cultivation of a civil workplace through training, education and the use of employee assistance programs


Civil Unrest and Employees: When Community Concerns Become Workplace Challenges

International Association of Emergency Managers Bulletin

FEI Senior Director Terri Howard is featured in the International Association of Emergency Managers’ (IAEM) Oct. bulletin. Her article, “Civil Unrest and Employees: When Community Concerns Become Workplace Challenges,” offers guidance on how organizations can plan ahead to keep external, real-world events from affecting internal workplace culture.


Stay Safe: Disaster Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey


FEI Crisis Management offers resources and covers best practice for businesses and organizations in “Stay Safe: Disaster Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey,” featured on the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association blog.


How to Work through Turbulent Times

Dice Insights

There are plenty of skills you can develop that will prepare you for the challenges you face in your career, including technical, problem-solving, and leadership. But there’s no school or webinar that can prepare you to work through tragedy. Dice Insights spoke with resilience experts, including FEI COO Dan Potterton, to discuss coping strategies, trauma and business continuity in the wake of tragedy.


Hurricane Harvey Highlights Need for Disaster Plan

Bloomberg BNA

Hurricane Harvey is a reminder to employers everywhere that they should evaluate their current risk management plans or create new ones, crisis management consultants tell Bloomberg BNA. “Every company, every organization should already have some kind of business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place,” Vivian Marinelli, senior director of crisis management services at FEI Behavioral Health, told Bloomberg BNA Aug. 28. The disaster recovery plan has to start with a risk assessment for every potential crisis that could occur, she said. For example, many companies in Houston likely had a hurricane or inclement weather plan in place for the last decade, but such plans need to be updated to reflect technological advances and current best practices, Marinelli said.


Increase in Cybercrime Demands Fresh Attention to Employee Onboarding and Training

Security Magazine

Cyberattacks, hacking, data breaches and identity theft are household terms, and the need to educate employees about how their actions impact company cybersecurity is greater than ever. While IT and cybersecurity professionals are experts at protecting networks and devices, and integrating security measures to anticipate a breach, that cannot serve as an organization’s be-all, end-all response. Employee education and training can help minimize cyber vulnerabilities and prepare employees for the event of a breach, in turn helping to protect the organization and its customers.


Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Tips for Getting Around


Nothing is worse than having your trip to the beach interrupted by the perils of travel: Lost luggage, stolen credit cards, misplaced reservations or confirmations…the list goes on. Yet, while some aspects of travel are beyond your control—your flight lands in Los Angeles, but your bags land in New York City—others are more easily navigable. With a few tips and tools, you can avoid becoming a victim of travel by staying prepared, knowledgeable and safe.


Evolving Employee Assistance Programs for a Young Workforce

California Broker Magazine

Modern workplaces have changed dramatically since employee assistance programs first emerged, and employee insurance plans now often fail to cover the full range of employees’ needs in a way that meets their preferences. Familiarity with the resources offered by more robust, independent EAPs will help brokers connect employers to providers and keep businesses ahead of the pack.


Creating a Human Impact Cyberattack Response Plan

Risk Management

As cyberattacks become more frequent, companies have worked to expand their understanding of cybercrime risk and prevention among internal departments. While most organizations have an information security plan in place to defend their data and infrastructure, they often are not as prepared to deal with the human consequences of an attack.


Utilizing an Employee Assistance Program to Combat Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Facility Safety Management Magazine

Companies need to stay current with drug testing policies and expand existing testing panels to include commonly prescribed medications (opioids), as well as illicit drugs and alcohol. By testing for prescription drug abuse, an employer is, in essence, offering employees access to help and treatment. But while establishing a drug testing policy is important, it’s often a limited first step. After all, a drug test only identifies use of a drug, not how to address the addiction or prevent one from developing. That’s where an employee assistance program (EAP) can help.


Disaster Preparedness: Tips for Facilities Managers to Avoid Common Dangers

Control Solutions Inc. Blog

FEI Senior Director of Crisis Management Vivian Marinelli is mentioned along with other industry experts in Control Solutions’ blog “Disaster Preparedness: Tips for Facilities Managers to Avoid Common Dangers.” Marinelli is referenced regarding preparedness plan testing, citing her featured article “Effective Planning Key to Disaster Recovery” for Facility Management.