I often lead Workforce Violence Prevention training in partnership with The Mandt System®. One of the things we discuss is the power of connections. Healthy relationships and connections help people feel safe, empowered and less stressed. This has never been more evident to me than during the past couple months, especially this week.

Our son, daughter-in-love, and grandchildren are here visiting. They are on a working vacation where they are helping me organize the house, care for the animals and many other miscellaneous tasks. This connection has been a refreshing break from the isolation and loneliness I’ve felt over the past few months when my husband was hospitalized. Just to have someone here to sit and have coffee with me has been wonderfully refreshing.

As many states, counties, and cities loosen their COVID restrictions, I encourage you to take time to reconnect with loved ones if you can do so safely. The past year has added layer upon layer of stress to our lives. Engage with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved. This week has helped me de-stress significantly. Playing, laughing, and snuggling with my grandbabies was just what the doctor ordered.

We also offer training (in-person and virtual) on a variety of topics, including Relationships 101, Managing Stress through the Everyday Pursuit of Happiness, and much more. To learn more, check out our Training Catalog and our Organizational Development page,  where we consult on a range of topics, including diversity, teamwork, and leadership development.