Combating COVID-19 Compassion Fatigue

As the pandemic subsides, not everyone is ready to celebrate. If you’re still coping with the pandemic’s aftermath, we offer tips to help you recover.

Post-Pandemic Business Continuity Recovery Strategies

When it comes to surviving a crisis, having a plan in place can help promote a timely recovery. Are you prepared?

Coping with Imposter Syndrome

While it’s difficult to navigate, it is possible to break the cycle of negative thinking that leads to imposter syndrome. This post explains.

Returning to School Brings Added Stress

Kids are struggling to adjust to our changing world. But because it’s difficult to explain how they’re feeling, their behavior communicates for them. Here's insight from a counselor's perspective.

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

Many of us are carrying extra emotional burdens from a very difficult year. This post offers tips for easing that load—and a reminder that your EAP can provide needed support.

It’s Lonely at the Top, So Bring Others Along

Leadership involves much more than winning or climbing to the top. It's also important to support and encourage others along the way.

Introducing “Back To Work,” Our New E-Learning Series

As we enter this new world of work, many employees are struggling with challenges stemming from the pandemic. We're expanding our services to provide greater access to hope and healing.

Feeling Fatigued, Overwhelmed? How To Feel Better Fast

By taking a few minutes a day to clear you mind, you can reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. This post explains how.

Spring Reminds Us of Our Inherent Resilience

For many of us, our “inherent resilience” needs some nurturing. Reach out and share your thoughts with someone else. It will lift your spirits. And provide relief.

Mental Health Professionals Need Self-Care, Too

Those who take care of others also need to take care of themselves. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask first. This post offers tips and insight.

The Healing Power of Connections

As more people become vaccinated and restrictions ease, it will become safer to reconnect with those outside our household. Healthy connections are vital for improving our emotional well-being.

Not All EAPs Are Equal

To benefit from an employee assistance program, employees first need to know they have it. To build this awareness, make sure your EAP provides an orientation and ongoing communications.